For Maggie's Sake
By Natasha Smith
Jan 8, 2007 - 10:13:00 AM

It’s been two years since Joe Merino’s best friend married Maggie; two full years that Joe has struggled to forget that Maggie was his, if only briefly.  Assuming that Maggie loved her husband, Joe fought to accept and support his friend’s marriage and push his love for Maggie from his mind.

Now, everything has changed.  With all of Joe’s prior beliefs crumbling to dust, he has to re-examine everything he thought to be true.  It is up to him to find the truth buried deep beneath the lies and betrayal.  Because no matter which way the evidence points, he can’t believe that Maggie is guilty of committing the heinous crimes of which her now dead husband has implicated her of doing in his diaries.


Maggie Samuels’ life has become one continuous nightmare from which she can’t seem to wake.  While her marriage was dead long before she was widowed, Maggie can’t believe the extent her husband went to in order to make her look like she was part of his criminal operation.  Now, Maggie finds herself at the mercy of the one man who betrayed her love, Joe Merino.  Though she has never stopped loving Joe, she lost faith and trust in him long ago.  She must search inside herself to trust the one man capable of proving her innocence. 


I adore Lora Leigh’s Navy SEALS series!  I’ve been following the lives of these exceptional men through Reno’s Chance, Dangerous Games, and now with FOR MAGGIE’S SAKE.  Joe Merino is power personified.  I was humbled at his willingness to let his best friend find happiness, even at the sacrifice of his own.  His strength in the face of such abject betrayal by his best friend was amazing to read.  Maggie’s bravery in the face of adversity and her willingness to confront danger head-on kept me on the edge of me seat dying to know what would happen.  And when these two multi-dimensional characters came together, it was pure pop and sizzle!  FOR MAGGIE’S SAKE is reverently filed on my keeper shelf with the rest of my Lora Leigh library. 


FOR MAGGIE’S SAKE is part of the four novella anthology, Real Men Do It Better which is releasing from St. Martin’s Griffin in February, 2007. 

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