For One Night Only
By Sarah W
Nov 5, 2006 - 5:25:00 PM

Lily McIntyre has been in love with her boss, Michael Rutherford, for the entire year she has worked for him. She never thought she’d get a chance with him because of his engagement, but the engagement ended and now Lily wants to take her shot, even knowing Michael is still in love with his ex-fiancée.

When Michael receives a mysterious note at his friend’s D/s party, Michael is intrigued. He needs a respite from the work week after his secretary, the one woman he could rely on, unexpectedly quit on him. When he enters the room and sees Lily spread out like a delicious smorgasbord of silky skin and textures, he is dumbstruck to say the least. But he will not back down from her challenge. The only problem? Come morning, Lily is gone and Michael does not know where to find her. However, after experiencing one night in paradise, he is not about to give up on Lily. He will find her, and when he does, he will employ some sensual maneuvers of his own to get her exactly where he wants her: in his life permanently.


Talk about steamy seduction! Lily and Michael’s emerging relationship is one intimate and sensual encounter after another. Readers will surely applaud Lily’s bravado as she finally takes a chance with Michael, just as they will surely empathize with the fears she has of him rejecting her love. There is a reason Michael is such a successful businessman. He goes after what he wants and now he wants Lily and he will let nothing stand in his way. Let the game of love begin! Beverly Havlir has written a fantastic and truly magnetic story with FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. Her fan base is sure to explode after this tempestuous and emotional love story.

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