For Our Children's Sake
By Bea Sigman
Oct 8, 2004 - 10:48:00 AM

Lucy Grayford's world has just crumbled with the words that came from Dr.Shorrock's mouth.  Her baby wasn't really hers.  There was a mix up with the embryos at the clinic.  Chole is actually another couple's baby and they gave birth to her child.  She gave birth to Chole, raised her and is all she has left of Michael, but she's not really hers, not in the biological sense.

Dominic Grayling knew he shouldn't be waiting outside the clinic for the couple who was going through the same nightmare he was, but he just couldn't help it.  He wanted to see who the real parents are to his little Abigail and maybe get to meet his biological child.  Hopefully they can find a solution for them all in this mess.  Abby is the only one he has left since Eloise died while giving birth to her and he didn't want to lose her.

The courts are to decide who each child will end up with.  A sensitive matter in a case that has never really happened like this before will take time, but how much time do they really have.  Both Lucy and Dominic want to learn more about the other's child, to be a part of their lives.  So Dominic comes up with a plan.  They are now both single parents, what better way to solve their dilemma than by marrying for the sake of their children.  Then Lucy and Dominic could spend time with both girls and not have to worry about what the courts decide.

Getting married was the easy part.  Not falling in love with each other was the hard part.  As time goes on, Chole and Abby become as close as sisters could possibly be and very unaware of the fact that their parents, who married for them and not love, were fighting their attraction to each other.  But the more time that goes by, the further Lucy falls in love with Dominic.  Now will Dominic ever see and return Lucy's love?

Grab a tissue, something to drink and get prepared to be sucked into this book.  Natasha Oakley writes one emotionally charged story that will have you crying one minute and laughing the next.  What Lucy and Dominic have to go through grips your heart and doesn't let it go.  Chole and Abby are such darling children who are like night and day, and win your love in an instant.  The heartache in this book is intense, both Lucy and Dominic lost their significant other, but carry on because of the beautiful girls they have.  To find love once again, with each other makes this one amazing romance story.  I'm looking forward to reading more of Ms. Oakley's work.  She has definitely captured my attention with this heart wrenching love story.

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