Pantasia - For Pete's Sake

Author: Mardi Ballou

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Pete Payne is out for revenge. When his ex-girlfriend Gwyn Verde chose billionaire Dominic Laredo over him, Pete was shocked. How could any woman choose a playboy over a solid, dependable and steady man? But that's just what Gwyn did, so now not only does Pete have to figure out why, he has to plan the perfect revenge. His big opportunity comes when Gwyn and Dominic announce their engagement. They are planning a big wedding on the Isla del Oro in the
Caribbean and everything from the food to Gwyn's gown is being shipped out there.

Pete has devised the perfect plan but when he meets Lily Tiger, manager of Fantasia Resorts on the island, all thoughts of winning Gwyn back fly from his head. Lily is practical and reliable, but she's lonely, and when she meets Pete she feels an instant attraction to him. Though she is a bit wary of him, especially considering he wasn't on the approved list of people working for the wedding, she decides to let him go to the hotel and set up the computers he's supposedly handling for Dominic. Lily and Pete's attraction sparks from the first time they meet and when they finally make love, Pete knows he has found the woman who he can love forever. Unfortunately, Lily doesn't know about Pete's part in the planned wedding debacle, and when she finds out, Pete just knows she will never want to see him again.

FOR PETE'S SAKE is the charming tale of how Peter Pan grows up. Pete starts off very immature and almost sulky in the beginning of the story, but he makes leaps and bounds as a character as he learns that though pleasing oneself is preferred it doesn't mean that one's partner will be happy. From the moment he meets Lily, all Pete wants to do is please her as he sets out to learn what she likes in love making and tries to ensure she doesn't come away from their romantic encounters unfulfilled. Pete turns from a selfish child into a mature adult who realizes that his revenge will not only destroy a happy couple, but will also ruin any chance he has of winning Lily. Mardi Ballou's sequel to HOOK, WINE, AND TINKER is a great success and shows how one of the lost boys becomes a man.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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