For Pete's Sake
By Jodi
Jun 20, 2005 - 7:30:00 AM

Pietra, Pete, Lang knew better than to doubt her Cajun housekeeper Eugenie's chicken bone predictions.  But doubt she did, until she found a blonde in the boat house icebox.  A cheap looking...very dead blonde with her grandfather's pet name tattooed on her arm.  To make her bad luck worse, the very sensational divorce lawyer Danny Benedict catches her in the process of trying to dispose of the body.  Her grandmother was the reigning matriarch of Langstown.  And as such, the whole population plus more mingled no more than fifty feet away, ostensibly paying their respects and pontificating the virtues of the deceased.  Pete would do anything to keep another scandal from tarnishing her grandmother's memory.  There was plenty enough scandal to go around when Grampa Lang, of the never zipped zipper, was alive.

Pete's family will be of no help.  Her rising politician brother is trying to divorce his wife to acquire the perfect trophy wife in his pretty little podiatrist.  Her mother is too flaky to worry about scandals and whatnot, her sister is too self-centered to be bothered other than to make sure that she remains untouched by the forthcoming frenzy.  Pete's only ally seems to be the superstar lawyer who keeps trying to get her to report it.


Dan knows he's a goner the minute he hears Pete's sultry voice discussing the merits of sinking a body into the lake.  The edge of panic in her voice catches at his heart.  Plus there's the fact that he feels partially responsible.  After all, he heard the confession from her grandmother's own lips and decided not to take it seriously at the time.  He finds himself tied in knots, morally and romantically around Pete.  With all sorts of plots and subplots unfolding, can he uphold his oath to the law as well as keep Pete?


FOR PETE'S SAKE is solid laugh out loud humor.  Pietra is the only person in her family not to have caused a scene.  Until she discovers a dead body she prided herself on her staid, calm life.  That flies out the window, because she's determined to do whatever needs done to assure that her family is not involved in another whirlwind scandal.  The Lang's have long enough provided fodder for the gossips, no more under Pete's watch.  Ms. Buckley's quirky and eccentric characters were engaging and her writing flair was a pure pleasure to read.  FOR PETE'S SAKE is a light, funny read that is sure to entertain reader's again and again.

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