For The Children : Heart of Appalachia Book One
By J.T.
Oct 8, 2007 - 5:59:20 PM

In pursuit of the ultimate story to boost his reporting career, Sullivan Mooreland is more than willing to go the extra mile. What he does not expect is to run that mile being hunted by a pack of hounds from hell and getting shot at by a hillbilly. Things just keep getting from bad to worse as he is taken on a merry, wild goose chase by the suspicious locals. Most notably, one curvaceous, sharp shooting, smart-mouthed redhead, who also happens to be the only teacher FOR THE CHILDREN of Heather's Hollow.

Johanna Macpherson is a born and bred native of the Appalachian Scotch-Irish clan. Taught to be suspicious of flatlanders, she is unwilling to trust the charming reporter who is out to write an exposé on the local moonshine legend, Lightning Jack. No matter that Sullivan has been honest and open about his reason for being there or more importantly for being the first man since forever who makes her heart flutter.
As the cynical, hard-bitten reporter pits his wits with the feisty, headstrong teacher, readers are kept wondering about his true intentions. Are all Sullivan's maneuverings and passionate promises honest attempts at revealing the identity of the secretive bootlegger, or is he actually after a loftier target; that is, Johanna's fiercely protective HEART OF APPALACHIA.
A wonderfully charming love story, intriguingly threaded through with fascinating glimpses into the traditions of the Appalachian culture by the refreshing Marin Thomas. Unquestionably, FOR THE CHILDREN is an unforgettable start to her brand new miniseries HEART OF APPALACHIA.

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