For The Love Of Callie
By Dee Herga
Apr 24, 2007 - 1:28:00 AM

Mica Blackfeather was jilted by Callie and was evicted by her mother, Maxine, from the Triple J Ranch. Eleven years later, he is back and determined to have his revenge on Callie, though the concept of revenge is wrong according to the Cherokee ways of his ancestors. She has already lost her family and he is going to make sure she loses her home and independence as well. He blackmails her into marrying him. He knows that the sex has always been good between them and that she would not be able to resist him. Although Mica's mother, Delia, tries to convince him that the whole revenge plan is not a good idea, Mica is adamant about it. As days pass by, Mica starts to realize that Callie is not the cruel, black-hearted woman he assumed her to be. His love for her has not diminished one bit and he does not know how to make it up to her. What can he do to make her forgive him? Even if she does forgive him, can he ask her to love him and be his forever?

Callie Jones has felt unloved since she lost her father. Her mother, Maxine, never cared for her and even blackmailed her into jilting Mica, the guy Callie loved with all her heart. Now her mother is also dead and Callie is losing the only home she has ever known, the Triple J Ranch. She is shocked to learn that it is none other than Mica who is buying it in an auction. Furthermore, Mica emotionally blackmails her into marrying him. Though she feels like a ranch hand and a whore when she is with him, she finds that the love she had for him is still as strong as ever. There is no one who can understand her and her longing for Mica's love. She cannot blame him either, since he doesn't know that she never betrayed him. Can she tell him her secrets and the way she feels about him? Can the two lovers torn apart by circumstances build a life together again?


FOR THE LOVE OF CALLIE is an erotic romance with an impact. The suffering of Callie is narrated so well that the reader cannot help but feel compassion for her. Mica's revenge, though unjustified from Callie's point of view, feels absolutely right from his. The credit definitely goes to Maggie Casper's words and her way of storytelling. Callie and Mica are both strong-minded, yet weak as kittens when it comes to each other. The sex is as hot as the sun itself, burning, boiling and flaring hot. The feelings that they evoke in each other can make you sweat. The turmoil and the regrets are expressed movingly. The characters of Delia and Max, the Triple J ranch foreman, deserve a special mention as they actually help in moving a story forward. The Cherokee words and ways described show the research that Maggie has put into the book. All in all, FOR THE LOVE OF CALLIE is a powerful book that is highly erotic and tender side by side! Go on, try it!

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