For The Love Of Kira
By Angel
Nov 5, 2006 - 3:57:00 PM

Leslie needs help and can think of only one man who can get the job done.  She hates having to go to her ex-boyfriend and tell him that someone is after their daughter, especially since he doesn’t know that he’s a father.  However, it’s the only way to keep her safe.  How will Antoine react when he finds out that after all this time she never told him that he has a daughter?

Antoine has never gotten over the fact that he and Leslie broke up so many years ago.  When she shows up on his doorstep with their daughter, he’s angry and resentful.  Those emotions go from bad to worse when he finds out that his family lied all those years ago in order to keep him and Leslie apart.  Can he find away to convince her that she and their daughter belong with him?


Leslie is a courageous woman to come to Antoine for help even though she knows he will probably hate her for keeping their daughter from him.  Antoine comes off at first as cold because of the reason he and Leslie broke up so long ago.  When he finds out that it was all a lie, he can’t believe that his family could be so manipulative.  Together they must join forces to keep their daughter from the hands of a psycho and in the process rediscover what they thought was lost.  You are on an emotional whirlwind with this story and find yourself experiencing the ups and downs along with the characters.  LT Rashard is a marvelous author and her contemporary tales are a must have in my opinion.

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