For the Love of Magic - Spellbound Falls, book 5
By Diana S
Aug 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Titus Oceanus is a theurgist, from the Greek meaning that describes the practice of rituals, sometimes magical in nature. Titus is the King of Atlantis, an island formed under the water to safeguard against demons attacking and killing his family.

Stasia (Rana) Oceanus is a mortal who married Titus forty years ago and has bore him two children. Of course, Rana being the only mortal, she is the only one of the family who will die someday. Rana moved from the palace home to a house she has purchased near the town of Spellbound Falls, Maine on the shore of the Bottomless Sea. Rana told Titus she needed a breath of fresh air when she left him.

Titus can’t understand why Rana has really left him, so he sets about to win her back with grand gestures of his esteem. Titus buys her a new SUV when she learns how to drive and a pink welder’s mask when she decides she wants to work with metal but nothing seems to sway her.

The woods close to town have been inhabited by a cult that seems to be trying to conjure up their own God. Titus doesn’t have a problem with that until it comes close to killing his wife. Titus has been given time to think with all his alone time and realizes he doesn’t want to live without her. He thinks he has come up with a plan but is keeping it to himself for now. Rana is also keeping a secret from him. Will the couple find their way back to their happy life when both secrets are revealed? Will the mortal world be too much of a temptation to the young woman Rana remembers before she married Titus?

FOR THE LOVE OF MAGIC, SPELLBOUND FALLS series, book 5 is categorized as contemporary fiction genre. There are romances going on between some of the characters but to me the main story is of mythology and magic spells. Of course Bottomless Sea is inhabited with whales and sharks for protection. The orcas can morph into sea wolves when on shore and they are needed to protect the Queen. I truly loved this added shift as I am a true wolf lover.

I used to study some mythology and enjoyed the tales of battle and the making of Atlantis. I would have understood some of the characters better if I read their stories ahead of time but all in all this was an exhilarating read of love, sacrifice, the battles of man and the magic we all possess inside ourselves. A strong-minded mortal female pitted against a theurgist with magical powers is still no contest for the female sex. Loved this story.

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