For The Weekend

Author: Lyn Lawrence

Publisher: Zumaya Publishing

Release Date: August 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3


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Widow and single mother Cassie Bailey finds unexpected love and danger during a week-end trip to
Hot Springs to visit her mother, Lorene. Cassie and her best friend Ginger are just looking for some fun and relaxation before heading back to nursing school, not a week-end of danger, ghosts and love. Cassie soon learns that you do not always get what you want. Soon after arriving, Cassie is threatened for a “Taking Care of Business” pendant Lorene once received from Elvis, Cassie and her entire family find themselves embroiled in a mystery that leads them all into serious danger. Cassie soon discovers that danger can come in all forms when she is saved from an attack by Lorene’s boss Jeb Branton. Jeb may not want Cassie’s pendant but he certainly wants her and nothing is going to stand in his way; especially not Cassie’s determination to be independent after the death of her husband.

Cassie’s desire for independence is deeply tested when unknown forces begin to move against her. The discovery of her long lost brother Ronny only brings more danger as the mystery surrounding the TCB pendant heats up. In the end it will take the combined efforts of Ginger, Lorene, Ronny, Jeb and some ghostly help to free Cassie and her daughter from the insane clutches of the enemy.


FOR THE WEEKEND is definitely a tender and sweet read. Cassie is a spunky character, resolute in her determination to take care of herself and her daughter. She matches perfectly with Jeb and his determination to take care of her whether she wants it or not. Lyn Lawrence creates a tapestry of intense characters that draw the reader into the story and refuse to let them go.  FOR THE WEEKEND is a great and fulfilling way to spend your week-end!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Tara James

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