For Your Love

Author: Carolyn Wilson

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Release Date: September 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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They were bosom buddies growing up in the small town of Cedar Falls. A group known for their exclusivity and closeness that survived even when they moved on to college, and later, to work in the towns nearby. When Caroline meets the seductive, world famous singer, Dominic D'Amato, it is this group of friends she calls for advice. Though instantly captivated by Dominic's mesmerizing looks and hypnotic voice, Caroline is wary of his interest and seeks assurance from Selene and Randall, members of the group who have always been there for her since they were young. However, not all have her best interest at heart, and the appearance of Dominic in their lives creates tension among them.

As Caroline is swept into a whirlwind courtship by the sophisticated Dominic, feelings are stirred among their circle of friends. Will the budding romance between Dominic and Caroline be able to survive as a dangerous stranger is revealed among the group of buddies who thought they knew each other so well?

Carolyn Wilson weaves a captivating tale of passion, romance, and suspense from the interlocking lives of members of a close knit group of friends. Like pieces of a well planned quilt, she brings color and texture to the love story of Dominic and Caroline with the addition of striking characters from small town Cedar Falls.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: J. T.

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