For a Short Time

Author: Lori Lapekes

Publisher: LBF Books

Release Date: August 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Keri Ferrita has two sides to her personality, the person she is in private and with her family and the person she is with everyone else.  In her family, it has become a tradition for all of the names to start with a K.  Her sister, Kelly, had broken the tradition when she married Andy, but Keri still held with that practice.  She had grown up in the Midwest on a farm, doing menial jobs such as shoveling manure, but after she grew up, she spent several years traveling around the country, interacting with the rich and famous.  Now she has returned home, living with her sister and her sister’s husband who have a little girl Katie and another on the way.  In high school, she had a reputation as a man-eater.  She had many admirers and never stayed with any of them though she kept the souvenirs or gifts they gave her, always the dumper and never the one being dumped.

Around the family, dressing as a clown was nothing new for Keri and she was dressed this way for her niece’s birthday, unaware that two strangers would be arriving.  Cousins Jeremy and Keith delivered the custom built crib that Kelly had ordered, introducing themselves.  Both were good looking and had a sense of humor, but she passed over one due to his height.  He was the same height or just a little over as Keri. Believing that the tall one was Jeremy, who made the crib, she became interested in him.  Going to Jeremy’s home to ask about having a bookcase made – just to have a reason for the visit – she asked for Jeremy and found that he was the short one.  After finding that Keith was the tall one, she thought it was destiny – after all, his name started with a K.  However, Keith has secrets and he has sworn his cousin Jeremy to silence, against Jeremy’s wishes.


Jeremy is in love with Keri, it was love at first sight.  However, Keith beat him to asking her out. He knows Keith does not have the same feelings for her, nor is he very honorable.  Spending time with her only deepens his feelings.  She feels very comfortable around Jeremy and she finds she can tell him anything.  In fact, she can be herself as she is around her family. An impromptu kiss also startles her with the sparks that fly.  When Jeremy, an unassuming cabinet-maker and owner of a malformed dog named Scalawag leapt into a bonfire, risking his life, to save an old coat that Keri valued for sentimental reasons, she begins having second thoughts about him.  After two episodes of Bell’s palsy, in which Jeremy stood by her, and Jeremy selling his family home and relocating out of state, Keri begins discovering things about herself.  She realizes who she really is, who she wants to be and the man she wants to be with.  But is she too late?  Has he moved on?


FOR A SHORT TIME is a marvelously emotional contemporary story, in which Keri discovers how wrong it is to use preconceived notions to evaluate people.  She and her best friend, Darci, have used a system of checking out shoes and height to determine the worth of a person and whether a relationship with that person would work out.  Not only does Keri discover her mistake, but Darci discovers some things too.  This wonderful story is enriched with realistically drawn characters, everyday life, bigotry, a compelling plot, emotionally issues and the value of true love, making this reviewer not only enjoy FOR A SHORT TIME, but also look forward to other works by talented author Lori Lapake.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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