For the Love of Anna

Author: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

Publisher: Siren/Bookstrand Publishing

Release Date: November 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Anna’s done her best to take care of her father after her mother’s death just like she promised but all her efforts are proving futile.  She slaves away to support his alcohol binges and the only thanks she receives is abuse and exhaustion.  Still, she made her mom a promise and doesn’t see any way to change her current situation.  Change comes when two loan sharks accost her in the apartment she shares with her father demanding payment for her father’s gambling debt… and if she doesn’t have the cash then they have the ideal way for her to work off what her father owes – as a prostitute.

When her father arrives home drunk and states in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t care what they do with Anna she’s stunned and hurt. The revelation that her father would put her in such danger gives her the incentive to finally save herself from the loan sharks and this hellish existence she’s been forced to endure.  Horribly injured Anna climbs out a bedroom window and beelines it to her friend Stacy’s home in Pearl, Texas.  However, she’s determined only to stay as long as it takes her to recover from her injuries and get a job so that she’ll have the funds to leave when the time comes.  She never counted on meeting men like Ben, Wyatt and Charlie who make her long for a life she didn’t dare dream possible.


Ben, Wyatt and Charlie Cantrell are more than siblings; they’re best friends who’ve always known that they’d share one woman.  Finding that one special woman has always eluded them but as soon as they meet Anna they know their search is over.  Unfortunately Anna doesn’t plan to stick around and she’s terrified by the men’s sheer size – and who could blame her after surviving her harrowing ordeal?  That doesn’t deter the men from pursuing her though and for such large, dominant men their approach is heart touchingly gentle. 


FOR THE LOVE OF ANNA is a fast paced dramatic read that pulls at the readers’ heartstrings.  Anna’s sacrificed so much to support her unappreciative father yet it’s not until he callously leaves her at the mercy of thugs that she realizes she has to make the break from him in order to save herself.  While Anna’s life seems to be all one big tragedy once she arrives in Pearl things quickly begin to turn around and for once she has hope, a sense of peace and a possible romance but her fear is still very real.  I love how Anna’s friendship with Stacy has been such a lifeline for her and because of that friendship Anna finds the happiness she deserves.  Even before any romance happens between Anna, Charlie, Ben and Wyatt there’s an air of anticipation that tantalizes the reader to keep reading just so you don’t miss a delicious moment of the action.  Great friends, sexy dominant men, a wonderful accepting town and a couple bad asses from New York intent on making Anna’s life a living hell make FOR THE LOVE ANNA a wonderful read.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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