Virgin River, Book 8 - Forbidden Falls
By Dottie
Dec 11, 2009 - 12:53:39 PM

Noah Kincaid, the son of a televangelist, decided at a young age that he would not grow up to be a minister.  His father showed one side to the world while he was neglectful and, at times, overly strict with his son and wife.  Noah loved his mom and they had a great relationship even after he moved out and ended all contact with his father.  He had been married to a girl who he loved very much, but it only lasted a short time before she was killed in an accident.  His father never even attended the funeral.  His mentor and best friend George steered him in the direction of the ministry, so despite his vow, now Noah is a minister, looking for a church and a congregation of his own.

Ellie’s grandmother, who Ellie loved deeply, raised her.  She was always full of wise sayings.  As a teenager, Ellie became pregnant and planned to marry the father of her baby, but he was killed in an accident before their plans could come to fruition.  Later, she met someone else.  Again, she became pregnant, but a stupid prank landed him in prison.  Then she made her biggest mistake.  Frustrated, working two jobs and trying to raise two children, the loves of her life, she accepted a marriage proposal.  Within two days after the wedding, she knew it was a mistake.  She divorced him after three months.  He contested the child custody, which he was awarded temporarily for ninety days, even though he was not the children’s father.  Her last job, in which she was a stripper and the fact that the judge was one of the men she rebuffed during that time made matters worse.  Now she has ninety days to get a good job and prove that the children should be with her.


Noah is shocked when he, who has never been on eBay before, sees a church up for bid at that website.  Visiting the town where the church is located, Noah is enchanted by the whole area. Running it by the Presbyterian Church, they are all for it, but they don’t have the money needed to renovate it.  So Noah uses the money left to him by his mother at her death to fix up the church.  The job of cleaning, painting and renovating the church is overwhelming, so he advertises for a personal assistant.  There are only three applicants and of them, only one fits the qualifications, but the applicant’s low cut clothes, heavy makeup and her past as a stripper put him off until he looks beyond all of that and finds more than he bargained for.  As they work together and try to keep their distance, the deeper they fall for each other.  According to Ellie’s plans, as soon as she gets her children back, she is leaving town.  Will she be able to leave Noah?  Will her children be safe until she can get them back?


FORBIDDEN FALLS, the latest book in the VIRGIN RIVER series, is a delightful romance between a minister and an ex-stripper.  Author Robyn Carr does a terrific job bringing Ellie to life, showing Ellie’s strengths as well as her vulnerabilities.  Her love for her children comes through clearly.  Readers can almost feel the angst she goes through as she tries to get her children back from her warped ex-husband.  The more they work together, the more Noah and Ellie feel for each other.  But what chance do a minister and an ex-stripper have in a small town?  All the books in this series have been terrific and this one is no exception.  As I wait for the next book in this series, run out and grab your own copy of FORBIDDEN FALLS.  It is a delight!  Do not miss it!

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