Forbidden Fantasies: No Risk Refused

Author: Cara Summers

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: May 22, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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Two hundred years ago Eleanor Campbell left her betrothed at their engagement ball to meet Angus MacPherson, the man she loved. She had first kissed him under the stone arch at her home in Scotland. Legend had it that when a couple kissed under that arch they would be true loves forever. She had planned to break up with Angus and even had the sapphire jewels on her…the jewels that her fiancé had given to her as a betrothal gift. But Angus would not take no for an answer. They had left that night and he had followed up on his promise to build her a castle and a stone arch just like the one in Scotland. A year after Angus’ death, Eleanor’s conscience still plagued her for carrying the Stuart sapphires to the New World. That is, until one night when he came to her in a dream, telling her to bury one earring under the arch. He let her know that a descendant named Adair would find it one day and that would be the start of the jewels being returned to their rightful owner.

Adair MacPherson had grown up in the castle with her sisters, her father and their Aunt Viola, who had helped raise the girls after their mother’s death. They were well aware of the power in the arch and had seen it at work. Adair had worked hard to get ahead and after obtaining her MBA, had been on the fast track to success. But after losing her job followed immediately afterwards by her boyfriend dumping her, she returned home to the family castle in the Adirondacks in upstate New York to lick her wounds. When the Times subsequently printed the story of the missing jewels and the legend, she used it to her advantage. She became a wedding planner, using the castle and the stone arch as a venue for the weddings. Her father had remarried seven years ago under the arch. His new wife was the mother of triplet boys, who had grown up with Adair and her sisters. In fact, Adair has had a crush on one of the boys, Cam, since they were young. At the wedding, she had been unable to take her eyes off of him. That day, she had convinced her sisters to each write their deepest fantasies and they had placed them in a metal box and buried them under the stone arch. For Adair, those fantasies had centered around Cam. But the wedding was the last time she had seen him and the feelings he stirred in her then have only grown stronger.

Cam Sullivan works for the CIA. His mother had used the MacPherson library to conduct research on the historical book she was writing. In fact, she and her husband are now in Scotland doing research from that end. Lately, Cam has been thinking of Adair quite a bit. He keeps remembering how she looked standing under the stone arch at his mother’s wedding. But he and his brothers had been in the midst of classes and could not stay. They left immediately after the reception and he has not seen her in the seven years since then. His boss has been seeking a con artist who wounded him fifteen years earlier and Cam is doing all he can to help him. However, the criminal has proven to be very illusive, always changing his appearance and his name.

When Reid, Cam’s brother gets word that Adair has found an earring under the arch, he heads to the castle. But that is just one of the reasons he is going there. Cam’s boss has received a tip that the con artist he has been seeking may be about to pull another con…this time as a bridegroom is a wedding taking place at MacPherson Castle. Cam is determined to be a guest at that wedding.

Adair is desperate for her first wedding to be a success. The influential couple would do much to get her business off of the ground. But the bride has been getting cold feet and every time Adair tries to get the bride-to-be to kiss her fiancé under the arch, something strange happens, like lightning striking. But the lightning strikes are nothing compared to how she feels when she meets Cam again.

As she shows Cam the site where the earring was found, a metal box is uncovered. Although she grabs it and tries to keep him from seeing what is inside, he is determined to find out what she is hiding. Reading her fantasies fires up his blood and soon he is determined to be the one to fulfill all of hers. But for Adair, is Cam just a fantasy, or is he her love of a lifetime? After the investigation, will he return to his life, or will he make a life with Adair?

Absolutely delectable, NO RISK REFUSED, the latest novel by gifted author Cara Summers in Harlequin Blaze’s FORBIDDEN FANTASIES miniseries, is a suspense-filled, sensual contemporary romance. Cam and Adair were perfectly matched and neither one played games. They knew what they wanted and went after it. The chemistry between them was explosive and instantaneous. I also loved the secondary romance between Adair’s Aunt Vi and Cam’s boss and believe that Cam may have taken some cues from his boss about handling his own romance. Brimming with mystery, the CIA, con artists, intrigue, magic, legends, danger, wit, spellbinding passion and tender romance, this fast-paced adventure is one you will not want to miss! I highly recommend NO RISK REFUSED and look forward to the next Cara Summers’ novel.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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