Destination Pleasure – Forbidden Island
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 25, 2009 - 8:15:10 AM

Ever since her college graduation ten years ago Chantal Stevens has been besieged with questions of ‘what if?’  She’s developed a huge obsession with the man who gave the commencement speech and while he’s never made any inappropriate advance, Chantal felt a connection to him and has spent a lot of time locating Murphy and arranging for a meeting with him.

Murphy Abbott has fond memories of Chantal from the graduation ceremony.  She’d been the valedictorian and he’d become enamored of her but hasn’t kept track of her since then so it comes as a huge surprise when she suddenly surfaces and finagles an invitation to his exclusive Caribbean island.  Murphy’s convinced that Chantal isn’t being honest about the reason for her visit but he’s determined to find out exactly what it is that Chantal desires.


Chantal has spent a full year pinpointing Murphy’s location and then devising a plan on how to get to the elusive man.  She’d sent him a letter claiming to be scouting islands for a new reality show, but Murphy’s done his homework and he’s well aware that Chantal doesn’t have any connections with anyone in television production so what is she really after? 

Murphy’s thrilled to have Chantal in his presence and the sexual attraction between them is still scorching but he doesn’t tolerate subterfuge and certainly doesn’t have time for women who play games.  Chantal isn’t trying to deceive Murphy.  She’s lived with the ‘what if…?’ mantra running through her head all this time and just wants to know if the man lives up to her fantasies of him.  Almost immediately Murphy confronts Chantal and asks her what she’s really doing here.  Chantal’s not ready to admit to the full scope of her deception but when Murphy tells her not to play games with him – unless they involve the two of them being hot and naked, she can’t resist asking him what sort of games he has in mind.  They might both get their fondest desires, but dare they hope for more than an exciting sexual encounter?


Samantha Gentry’s FORBIDDEN ISLAND is the newest title in Wild Rose Press’s DESTINATION PLEASURE line.  Chantal and Murphy’s scorching hot romance is only intensified by the exotic location.  Despite there being ten years since they last saw each other there’s an undeniable connection between these characters and they certainly don’t waste any time making up for all the years they’ve been apart.  FORBIDDEN ISLAND brings to mind all those fantasies about a romantic encounter with someone special in your own private paradise.


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