Forbidden Pleasures
By Angel
Jun 10, 2006 - 8:08:00 PM

Emily Shann is a well-known author with a great career, but it seems her publishing company thinks her writing could use some improvement.  They want her to spice up the love scenes in her books and gives her a new editor to help her along.  However, Michael Devlin is not your typical editor and it seems the only way to improve her writing is with some hands on experience.  When the story is finished will Emily loose her heart to Michael?

Michael Devlin has come to help Emily write her upcoming book and add more passion to the mix.  He is instantly attracted to Emily, but had no plans to mix business and pleasure.  Soon, those thoughts go out the window when he stays at Emily's for the weekend.  Before long, they are doing much more than brainstorming and Michael has Emily right where he wants her -- in his bed.  Once the book is done, will he be able to go back to just being her editor?


FORBIDDEN PLEASURES is a pure pleasure to read, it grabs you from the first page and you literally have a hard time putting it down.  Michael has a sensual nature that will rock the reader's world and have them melting in their seats.  His relationship with Emily and his loyalty to her career is a top priority.  Emily is the quiet and meek writer who has to take a lesson in passion and finds that her sensual nature is just waiting to get out.  Together this couple is dynamite and just as explosive when they come together.  Love scenes are wonderfully erotic with enough heat to incinerate the pages.  Bertrice Small is known for her fantastic plots and passionate characters, this book is sure to be a keeper on many reader's shelves.

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