Forbidden Sister
By Afra
Feb 27, 2013 - 9:44:17 PM

Roxy is Fleur du Coeur; an escort who caters to the rich and famous. She's the forbidden fruit in the Wilcox household. To mention her name is to wish havoc upon oneself. Emma wants to know her sister; she wants to know why she got kicked out, why she is Fleur du Coeur, why she never came back, and why she abandoned her.

Their father kicked Roxy out when Emma was much younger and Emma has been raised to be the perfect daughter–the exact opposite of Roxy. 

Even with her absence Roxy is still there. When Roxy finally does enter the picture, she's exotic. She may not be traditional but she cares even when life won't doesn't want her to. Can Emma and Roxy ever be sisters in the traditional sense? Can the slate be swiped clean, and what exactly did Roxy do to be on the receiving end of their father's wrath.

FORBIDDEN SISTER by V.C. Andrews is a novel to relate to. Sibling rivalry is prominent, especially among sisters. The relationship between Emma and Roxy is definitely interesting but it's also heartfelt. We see what it is like to be of a relation to an escort and to constantly be in the shadow of her. The internal struggle in Emma is tear-jerking. 

Emma and Roxy have a strict father and a gentle mother and they turn out as complete opposites. It's interesting to see the change in Emma when she gets to know Roxy and the change in their parents when god's plans for them are evoked.  

FORBIDDEN SISTER by V.C. Andrews is a perfect read for just about any time. Ms. Andrews takes the relationship between two estranged sisters and develops it into a must read novel. Boyfriends, flings, fake friends, and family relations are important themes that twist the novel into the masterpiece that it is. 

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