By Bea Sigman
Mar 26, 2004 - 8:37:00 AM

Over a year ago, Leah Dubois Burger had a wild affair with a man whom she had a crush on when she was sixteen.  When Leah made the decision to leave her husband, J.T. had decided it was time to leave town.  With no call, note or explanation, J.T. had rocked her world then left without a trace, breaking her heart.

Now Leah is picking up the pieces of her life, possibly reconciling with her ex-husband and giving her daughter back the security she craves.  Then one trip to the market and her life is thrown back into turmoil.  J.T. is back in town.  Leah is still very much in love with him but knows that starting up where they left off could destroy her.


J.T. fell in love with Leah that long ago summer when he was eighteen but he always wanted to be something more for her.  And then she went and got married, and J.T.'s hope for her love went right out the window.  So J.T. did the only thing he knew to do, he moved around and tried to drown his sorrow in another woman.  But something terrible happens that has J.T. running away from life and right into the arms of the one woman he's always loved.  Time is short though, and J.T. knows that he can't stay with Leah forever, so he disappears again.


Now J.T. is back in Toledo and he has to see if Leah really loves him, or if he was just a fling for a bored housewife.  J.T. is tired of running, and if Leah really loves him than his whole life is about to change. 


Sexually charged, FORBIDDEN is a steamy story that will entice you to turn up the A/C, lock the door and grab a cool drink because it's going to be one heck of a ride. Presented with the opportunity to go back to an unsatisfying life or take a chance and go with the love you know that makes life worth living, has you wondering, what would you do if you were Leah?  FORBIDDEN is one of those stories that really brings home a situation many women find themselves in.  Is it love or is it lust?  I loved this book; the turmoil each character was going through pulls you deep into the story making you forget the outside world.  Tori Carrington's Sleeping with Secrets miniseries is sure to set tongues wagging with the secrets they wrap into these sexually charged stories.  Seeing what will be hidden in their June book, INDECENT, has me dying in anticipation.

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