By Teri Chapman
Dec 17, 2003 - 12:36:00 AM

Shanel Fox works as a realtor. She’s not happy as a realtor; it is just a job she took after her Law Enforcement career fell through and she was laid-off. She goes to a very isolated home to meet with a client that was recommended through her ex-fiancé. Once at the isolated locations she becomes apprehensive because of the location and the lateness of the hour as well as not knowing this client personally. Once inside she tries to get down to business and list the rooms and positive aspects of the house but she cannot get over the feeling that something is not right. While there she gets drawn to the back of the house and darkness; someone grabs her and presses a drugged cloth to her mouth and nose. Shanel is paralyzed and afraid, but totally helpless to do anything. All her training down the tubes because her body will not respond to anything her mind tells it to do.  The gun she carries in her briefcase, useless, and the cell phone she had in her hand falls to the floor because her body is lax and unresponsive.

Hall Marshall is on a mission to destroy and take down an organization called The Takers. Known in the private organization he works with for being cold hearted and merciless in the pursuit of achieving his goal, they know he can do it. Because of his dedication and the hardship he has been dealt he has shut himself off emotionally for the last two years from all the pain and heartache he felt when he discovered the gruesome specter of his family. Two years before his wife and parents were killed in his home. Since then all he has lived for is his job. Part of his job is to make sure he has a woman able to infiltrate the Takers and yet also able to get the information they need to prosecute the Takers. All the information he accumulated about Shanel shows she is the perfect choice for the job. But can he train her to be a submissive in the short amount of time he has?


The Takers are an organization, made up of rich influential businessmen. Empowered by their money and stature in the community they run a mansion filled with women purchased through white slavers. The  organization Hall works for, SHIT, has been hired to shut down The Takers by any means possible. In order to do this SHIT knows they need someone inside the mansion to obtain pertinent information to shut this group down. Will Shanel consent to assist them, or will she resist to the end?


I did not think I would enjoy this book but surprisingly enough I did. It was packed with lots of mystery, unknown elements through out and yet exotically charged through the whole story line. I was very apprehensive when I started reading it, because it is very strong in bondage and it is something I have never really been into. I have to say Ms. Harper has written this story very tastefully and emotionally. It does not overpower you with the bondage scenes; they are presented in a very controlled and appealing package. So even when I was apprehensive of a scene that was presented, she made it acceptable in presentation with the underlying storyline and character development to carry it through. She built the anticipation level of many of the love scenes and none of it was predictable. I enjoyed that the most in this story, she had you constantly on your toes and cheering for the heroine.  For those not into coercion and bondage this is not the book you want to read. But for those that are looking for something different and refreshing but with a touch of danger then this is a story that you would most definitely want. There are some challenging scenes that may intimidate some readers but please do complete the story; it is a wonderful and exotic adventure on the wild side of dominance and submission.

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