Author: Marilyn Spanier

Publisher: Author House

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Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

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All American girl, Linda Madison is teaching Conversational English at a university in Mexico. On a site seeing trip to Teotihuacan, Linda falls asleep atop the Pyramid of the Sun and dreams that she was sacrificed to Tlaloc, God of Rain. Awakening from her nightmare, Linda finds the sun setting fast and knows that she will never be able to make it down the steep steps of the pyramid before dark. Less than half way down, Linda is forced to stop and scream for help.

Dr. Ricardo Del Campo and his friends hear Linda's call for help and rescue the beautiful young American. Ricardo isn't about to get involved with a spoiled tourist who will be leaving in a few months time. He has already lost one love to America. He won't take a chance on losing his heart a second time.

Linda is instantly attracted to the arrogant Dr. Del Campo but even thoughts of him can't keep away the nightmares she has been having, nightmares in which she is sacrificed to Aztec gods. When Linda finds an ancient artifact at another Aztec ruin, things get stranger still.

FOREVER is an intriguing book, the lush tropical setting adds to the allure. Marilyn Spanier lets the reader catch a glimpse of the rich history of Mexico. Ms Spanier's description of the ancient ruins and modern Mexican life make a perfect backdrop for her story. A touch of the paranormal and a hint of mystery make the pages fly by.

Linda is a level headed young lady who finds herself facing something that she is not sure she believes in. She is not only confused by dreams but by her instant attraction to Ricardo. Her inability to understand her body's reaction to this arrogant alpha male makes her character believable. Linda's joy in teaching and sorrow over losing her brother adds depth and dimension to a very likeable heroine.

The character of Ricardo is the definition of arrogance in his early interactions with Linda. When Ricardo decides to give his heart, he gives it fully and without reservations. Once you have won his love, you will have it for all time. As the two characters get to know each other, the heat between them is undeniable. The love scenes are tender and passionate but these two have a lot standing in the way of a happy ending. You will find yourself turning the pages with fingers crossed hoping everything will work out.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Belle Rouge

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