Forever Love
By Chrissy Dionne
May 1, 2005 - 3:26:00 PM

Kasey is nineteen years old. No longer being able to stand living in her father’s home, she moves into the pool house of her "adopted" Mama Jean and their family. Kasey wanted to go to college, and she was working two jobs to make enough money to pay for her education. Mama Jean’s sons had always been more like brothers to Kasey, but she’s having feelings for Jordan that definitely aren’t those she’d have for a brother.

Jordan is twenty-five years old. He’s a professional wrestler who’s still living at home with his mama. Having Mama Jean refuse to cook, clean, or do laundry for her adult sons any more comes as a shock, but not as big of a shock as her demand for each of her sons to marry and give her grandchildren in order to get their inheritance. He should be trying to find a woman to satisfy his mother’s demands but can’t stop thinking about the woman living in their pool house. . .and his thoughts are not at all brotherly. Mama Jean had planned a big barbecue and party for Kasey’s twentieth birthday. The party went well until Mama Jean went to bed. Then alcohol was brought out, and Kasey ended up getting drunk. The following morning she finds herself naked in Jordan’s bed with no memory of how she’d gotten there. Not wanting to face him, she snuck out before he woke up. Only later, when making breakfast does Kasey realize that Jordan also has no memory of having slept with her. He knows he had sex with somebody, just doesn’t know whom. Finding a single earring in his bed is his only clue. Jordan is accused of sleeping with and impregnating an underage girl on the night of Kasey’s party, and he is at risk of being arrested. Kasey confesses to having been with him that night and sneaking out before he woke up. Mama Jean is thrilled at this turn of events. She’s wanted Casey and Jordan to get together forever. However, admitting to their love for each other is going to take some time. Hollie Davidson has written a wonderfully heart-warming story with FOREVER LOVE. I adored all the characters and could only wish to know a family as close knit as Mama Jean’s. Even though all the "boys" are professional wrestlers, they all seem down to earth and very close with their family. Kasey’s headstrong stubbornness and smart mouth, even in the face of going through a pregnancy alone was very amusing. I loved that this book spanned over several years, which allowed for the reader to feel a little more involved in the characters lives. FOREVER LOVE is a terrific story with a few surprising twists, a lot of love, and a wonderful family.

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