Forever on the Isle of Never, Pantasia Book 3
By Nickie Langdon
Aug 8, 2005 - 2:08:00 PM

Nan is a divorcee, in her mid-fifties and a little on the rubenesque side.  A year ago she met a younger man and had a wonderful one-night stand.  He bolstered her confidence in herself.  If only they could ever be more than friends.

Pete Payne thinks of Nan when the current potter quits.  He's unable to work with the construction manager and refuses to stay.  Pete calls Nan and invites her down to the island to look around and decide whether or not she wants to take the position.

Mike Darlin, the construction manager, has no use for those he considers artsy-fartsy.  A bad marriage made worse by his ex-wife's artsy friends soured him.  When he meets Nan Sullivan, he's in for a battle unlike any he's ever waged before.

Mike and Nan are like oil and water at first.  Their initial meeting at the site being considered for the pottery shed and kiln turns hot and heavy as they fall upon one another.  Mike ruins it by apologizing and trying to convince himself as well as Nan that he's not interested.

FOREVER ON THE ISLE OF NEVER by Mardi Ballou is the third in her Pantasia Series.  She's taken the subject of a middle age woman who is slightly overweight and built a poignant story around her wants and needs.  Mike and Nan will suffer some awkward moments as he struggles with his prejudices against the art world and women in general.  His former wife left him for a younger man.  He no longer trusts women.  Nan, too, battled the same sort of problem that ended her marriage.  Her ex-husband chose a younger girl.  I enjoyed the book and felt for both Mike and Nan as I watched their story unfold.  If you're over eighteen, like reading about hot and heavy lovemaking, you're in for a treat with this one. 

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