Forget About It

Author: Caprice Crane

Publisher: 5 Spot

Release Date: August 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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At age twenty-five, Jordan Landau certainly does not have it all. Her mother and half-sister are tiny and no help for Jordan's poor self esteem. They find every opportunity to criticize and exclude her. Her love life is on the wane, too, as she realizes her boyfriend Dirk is a thoughtless jerk who is probably cheating on her. Jordan's career is going nowhere fast as others get credit for her ideas and move ahead. A promotion and a pay raise would surely help as too many of Jordan's phone calls are from Cindy at the collection agency in regards to a past due credit card bill.

In an effort to economize, Jordan rides a bike to work. This is often fraught with danger and mud splashes. On a ride home after an extra bad day at work, Jordan runs into a car door and is knocked off her bike. When she wakes up in the hospital, she realizes that this accident can actually be a way to start over. Jordan decides faking amnesia may be just the ticket to get her life on a better course. At the same time she meets Travis, who could be more than just the man who helped cause her accident. Could he be part of new karma for her life?
FORGET ABOUT IT is author Caprice Crane's second novel and is just as witty and clever as the first, STUPID AND CONTAGIOUS. Jordan is a heroine that we,who are conflict-avoiders, can embrace and cheer on. The men in Jordan's life run the gamut from devious Dirk to tender Travis. And, of course, there is Todd, whom Jordan "married" when they were seven. He has been her trustworthy friend for years, but can he ever be more? You may want to slap Jordan's mother and half-sister, but they add greatly to the hilarity of the storyline. Romance and dysfunction in equal measure make this book pure fun to read.
I have been entertained by all the quirky books released by 5 Spot and they have a star in Caprice Crane. To see another side of Ms. Crane's talent, check out the short film she wrote and directed at

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Roberta Austin

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