Forget Me Knot

Author: Sue Margolis

Publisher: Bantam

Release Date: July 14, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Talented florist Abby Crompton has recently been named London Boutique Retailer of the Year for her posh flower shop, Fabulously Flowers, and is becoming quite a success in her field. She is engaged to a gorgeous attorney positioned in a large firm and should be content. However, she is struggling with insecurities about her middle class social status compared to her fiancé Toby’s nobility, whose mother just happens to be Dowager Lady Penelope Kentwood. On top of societal conflicts, Toby has yet to get her a ring, though they’ve been engaged for over a month and he seems to grow increasingly distant. He chocks this up to his hectic work schedule which leaves him no time to shop or any energy for romantic interludes.

Determined to make things work, Abby overlooks these shortcomings which she is convinced will level out overtime. She insists on keeping the planned dinner for her first meeting with Toby’s mother and arranges to meet them at the restaurant. Already rushing, things go from bad to worse when Abby is stuck in an elevator with a handsome guy she ends up sharing some rather intimate details of her love life with after drinking most of the bottle of wine he happens to be carrying. Imagine her surprise when the stranger happens to be none other than the up and coming director Dan Chipault with the film studio that she has agreed to let use her flower shop for a low budget romantic comedy that they’re filming.



As her relationship with Toby seems to continue to unravel and things are brought to the surface that can not go ignored, Abby is left feeling vulnerable and neglected. The more time she spends with Dan however, the more aware she becomes of the comfortable feel they have in their communication and the genuine attentiveness he seems to possess. Soon Abby is caught struggling between the idea of two men and is about to learn that all is not what it appears to be.



FORGET ME KNOT is a fun, light romance with a chick lit feel. The dialogue is witty, the characters easily identifiable, and the plot bordering insanity just enough to be amusingly entertaining. On top of the main story line of heroine Abby, her two friends, Sophie and Martin, have little subplots of their own. Sue Margolis manages to pull off glancing over some rather sensitive topics while still maintaining a carefree nature.  I will say to be prepared for some sexy scenes that surface throughout the humor and frolics that are a steamy contrast to its lighthearted counterparts. I found this as an enjoyable read with a few surprises along the way that is just right for girl gossip over a sundae or latte.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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