Author: Donna Conger

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Release Date: June, 2002

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: Print Book

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Sylvia awakens to a terrifying feeling of not knowing who or where she is. All she can remember is a vague recollection of her name being Sylvia. When a man comes to visit her at the hospital and tells her she is his wife, she goes home with him to try to rebuild her life. Sylvia is astonished to find her husband is a very wealthy man and she is mistress of his mansion. Life is rather difficult for Sylvia as she must learn to adjust to a life she does not have any memory of. With her husband Robert's patience and love, she begins to piece her life back together and remember things from her past that she has blocked out.

After many questions and adjustments, Sylvia's life begins to become normal, but not before many past hurts and pains have to be dealt with. Sylvia remembers why she blocked out so much of her past and finally comes to terms with it. She learns to trust in her husband and God to help her recover, and finds herself on the road to recovery after doing so. Her roles as wife and mother once again become her lifeline to normalcy.

Donna Conger has written an intriguing look into the life of an amnesiac, told from the viewpoint of someone who also suffers from the same thing. We are given the insight into the trials they face and the hope for recovery each one has. This is a romance in that Robert's undying love for Sylvia sees them through the hard times and aids in her recovery. Only through Robert's love and Sylvia's trust in God does she recover her memory and come to terms with her past. And what a past it was, as the reader will soon discover!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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