Forgotten Promises
By Char
Apr 1, 2008 - 8:10:48 AM

Detective Holly Lawson had it all; a great job, a beautiful little girl and a loving and supportive husband, but all of that changed in one second when her policeman husband was shot down in the line of duty. It has been five years and Holly’s life is back on track. She has made the adjustment of being a single parent to Abby, her daughter, and Holly is happy with the direction her life is going. Holly hasn’t met anyone she would like to date or get to know better and that is just fine with her, but Abby has a different idea about Holly’s love life. Abby wants a new dad and she has the perfect person in mind; her new next door neighbor Mr. Green.

Tyler Green lost his beloved wife to cancer five years ago and even though he has moved on with his life, he knows that he will never love anyone else like he loved his Felicia. Tyler is at a point where he feels the need to own a home and be a part of a neighborhood and he thinks he has found a great place to settle down. Tyler is not on the look out for a love interest in his new hometown, but the single ladies on his block have other ideas. He is not interested in any of them romantically except the one lady that doesn’t seem to have any desire to attract his attention at all. Tyler is not going to let that stand in his way now that he has finally found a woman that stirs his heart again.


Tyler knows he has his work cut out to get past the brick wall that Holly has built around her heart. Tyler knows exactly the kind of pain Holly wants to avoid and he thinks he can convince her to give him a chance. Tyler soon discovers he has an ally in Holly’s young daughter and between the two of them, plus some help from Holly’s friends and neighbors, Holly’s reluctance is being worn down. While Tyler and Holly work at learning to risk their hearts again an evil is slowly penetrating their lives and young Abby’s life is in danger. Will Tyler and Holly work through their fears and will they be able to discover the danger in time to save Abby? You need to pick up this great book and find out.


FORGOTTEN PROMISES by Denise Skelton is an emotional heartwarming story with a touch of suspense that will have you holding your breath as you turn the page to see what happens next. I could feel the fear and hope bouncing off the pages from both Tyler and Holly as they worked to let their hearts trust in love again. I really enjoyed young Abby and I thought she was the icing on the cake for the story. I also liked the small touch of suspense and danger that was woven into the story and how the timelines of everyone involved was intertwined. This is an excellent story and one you don’t want to miss.


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