Fort Knox
By Angel
Feb 1, 2010 - 2:31:40 PM

Knox Turner is a man with a plan and that plan is to never let a woman get close to his heart.  He thinks he has it well under control until Simone comes into his life and messes up all of his well laid plans.  Knox soon finds himself in more than a sensual clench with Simone, but he's not willing to budge where his commitment rule is concerned.  Can Knox find a way to soften his heart or will he wind up losing the love of his life?

Simone Tanner knows what she wants and has a tendancy to go after it.  She knows that Knox has a love them and leave them reputation, but could she be the woman to change that.  A business trip gives her the perfect opportunity to seduce Knox and show him just what he's missing.  In the end will she convince Knox to trust in love or will she wind up with a broken heart?

Knox and Simone have a powerful chemistry that can't be denied and their love scenes leap off the pages.  Knox is a hardened man where love is concerned and watching him fall is an interesting journey.  Simone has a go getter attitude that readers will love and admire.  She uses all of sensual wiles to prove to Knox that they belong together.  Moira Hanson is a talented author and has created a powerful tale of love with FORT KNOX.

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