Fortune's Deception
By Katie
Apr 5, 2008 - 5:34:36 PM

Brittney Jones has just won a jackpot, which is the good old lottery where she is now worth millions. She may act like she doesn’t care how she spends her money, but it is all for a reason. Brittney grew up alone in foster homes where she was abused and had practically nothing. Unfortunately, Charles Manning, her financial advisor, doesn’t know this and thinks she has no clue what she is doing.

Charles wants to help Brittney control her spending and he is trying to keep his wits together because all he can think about is getting under her skirt. Brittney knows how to use her feminine wiles and decides to seduce the stiff Mr. Manning.

Charles falls for Brittney and the sex between them is off the charts. But whereas Brittney is a love 'em and leave 'em type of gal, Charles will try his hardest to make Brittney see that he is the perfect man to have in her life.

Karen Erickson has written a sexy short romance where opposites attract. Brittney may seem carefree on the surface, but her past is full of harsh memories, mainly ones that deal with sex. She has major trust issues, mostly with men, and when she falls for Charles, she is not sure how to deal with him. Charles is a wonderful character who is caring, intelligent and very sexy. The sex scenes between these two are beyond hot and left nothing to the imagination.  

FORTUNE’S DECEPTION has some humorous moments that lead to more serious issues between Charles and Brittney. Karen Erickson has a wonderful way of writing a romance that tugs at the heart strings. I recommend you pick this one up.

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