Fortune's Folly
By Deborah Kimpton
Jan 10, 2007 - 4:29:00 AM

Marrying Andreas Orphanides had been the icing on the cake for
Helena; her life had been charmed from infancy. It seemed only fitting that she should marry the man of her dreams. However, not long into their marriage, a devastating blow strikes at Helena’s life and things are suddenly changed forever. Unable to reconcile her past with her present, Helena decides to strike out on her own; leaving behind the only man she has ever loved. Returning to England and to college, Helena finds a new life and a new career, but when her ex-husband makes a sudden reappearance in her life, Helena’s world is once again is thrust into turmoil. 

Successful entrepreneur, Andreas is more than a little surprised to find his beautiful ex-wife back in his life. Outwardly, she has changed little, but now his girlish wife has turned into a feisty, independent woman who has added appeal. Circumstances have forced them together again after eight years, Andreas is discovering Helena’s charms are still appealing as ever. Much to his disappointment though, Helena’s manipulative mother is still very much on the scene. He knows that as long as Helena remains oblivious to her mother’s true nature they will never have a future together. Can Helena discover the truth behind years of family secrets before she looses Andreas forever?



FORTUNE’S FOLLY is a traditional story of love and conflict involving deep, dark secrets and family values. Moving from the villages of Northern England to the beautiful landscape of Cyprus, this book allows the reader to travel the world while enjoying the simmering conflict between Helena and Andreas. Ms. Blake has clearly enjoyed writing this tale of smouldering passion and for those who enjoy tender romance with a hint of sexual tension, this is an ideal read.

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