Fortune’s Promise (Fortune, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 7, 2013 - 11:04:53 AM

Madeline ‘Maddie’ Carpenter’s life hasn’t changed since she won the lottery one year ago along with her best friends Brittney and Lauren.  Rather than go on a spending binge she still lives in the same house, works the same job, and hasn’t indulged in anything life altering that most people who play the lottery dream of doing.  Her life is very ordinary – at least it was until the evening of Brittney’s wedding when Maddie dares to step out of her comfort zone and accept the wedding reception singer’s not so subtle offer to visit his hotel room.

Tanner Robinson is a singing superstar who just happens to occasionally agree to do private performances.  He’s agreed to sing at Brittney’s reception but there’s a tinge of resentment in doing so since all his love songs were written for his ex-wife, who’d left him for a woman.  He’d just received his final divorce papers the day before and that just adds to his discontent and frustration.  Mindless sex has been a great way to alleviate his restlessness – and he goes looking for just that when he enters the hotel bar and propositions Maddie.


Maddie isn’t like any of the women Tanner’s been photographed with or use to for that matter.  She’s not ‘Hollywood,’ she’s real – no flashy clothes, rabbit food diet, and no ulterior motive for sharing time with him.  He might have gone looking for a one night fling, but what he found is a woman he can’t resist – and he honestly isn’t sure how he feels about that.  One thing’s certain, even once he returns to his normally busy recording schedule he can’t stop thinking about her.  Maddie carries her own insecurities but she’s willing to risk her heart for Tanner, but is she prepared for the pretentious world of a popular singer?  What about Tanner… can he let go of his ex-wife’s betrayal and find a happily-ever-after with a woman who’s paralyzed with fear of changing anything in her life?


Who hasn’t dreamed of the changes they’d make in their lives if they could just pick those lucky numbers?  Now imagine if you actually did win but making any of those changes is just too overwhelming.  Karen Erickson’s FORTUNE’S PROMISE provides readers with just such a scenario and throws in a newly divorced popular singer just to complicate matters - the results are decidedly entertaining and highly memorable.  As a reader I found it very easy to relate to Maddie and her discomfort with change but loved that she steps out of her comfort zone with Tanner for an undeniably naughty night.  FORTUNE’S PROMISE is a beautiful story of two people moving past their fears, letting go of their pasts and embracing the possibilities of a future together.  It’s definitely a story that just makes you feel good about life in general – even if you don’t win the lottery.


I confess I haven’t read the other titles in the FORTUNE’s series so obviously the books can be read as stand alones but I’m definitely curious enough about Brittney and Lauren that I’ll be picking up copies of the other stories soon.  Here are the titles in the FORTUNE series in order:





Or if you prefer your books in print format pick up a copy of LUCK OF THE DRAW which contains all three of the FORTUNE stories.


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