By Christina
Nov 1, 2007 - 9:15:30 AM

Aubrey Jacek comes home from a hard day of work wanting nothing more than to relax but instead, he finds his lover in bed with another man. Aubrey is hurt and angry so he deals with his pain the best way he knows how-he goes out and gets falling down drunk. He promises himself that it won’t happen again but he finds himself incapable of dealing with his emotions. As a result his behavior becomes more and more erratic.

Kelly is new in town and looking for work. He is hoping to convince Aubrey to give him a job. However, he soon realizes that he wants a lot more from Aubrey than employment. He is hoping to convince Aubrey that they could be good together.


When Aubrey meets Kelly he is too drunk to know what is going on. He agrees to let Kelly drive him home. The next morning he can’t remember what happened between them. Kelly may be young but he knows what he wants, he doesn’t even try to hide his interest. Aubrey is attracted to Kelly as well but even as they begin to explore their budding relationship, Aubrey’s self-destructive behavior could put everything in jeopardy.


Jodi Payne does a wonderful job of discussing the subject of alcoholism with sensitivity and honesty. I loved this novel, it is full of characters who have very real flaws but who also remain very sympathetic to the reader. Even when Aubrey displays despicable behavior I found myself forgiving him because the author helped me see the pain that motivated his actions. I was rooting for him to overcome his demons. This is also a powerful erotic romance. FOUNDER is a well-written and moving novel about the redemptive power of love. I truly believed in Aubrey and Kelly. I wanted them to work things out.

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