Four Weddings and a Fireman
By Dottie
Feb 28, 2014 - 8:00:11 AM

Derek ‘Vader’ Brown is one of the bachelor firemen at the San Gabriel fire station and he is known as something of a jokester. What the rest of the guys don’t know is that he takes care of his disabled mom, who is confined to a wheelchair. After all, the one thing he does not want is their pity. Years earlier, she was in an accident, which left her paralyzed from the waist down. Unable to cope with the situation, Vader’s father had left them, leaving a young Vader with the responsibility. Needing money to pay for his mom’s home health care, Vader is trying to get promoted to captain. He has been dating Cherie on and off now for a year. Even when they are not together he cannot get her off his mind. So when his best friend, fellow firefighter Sabina, asks him to be the best man at her wedding, he cannot turn her down. Like all weddings, this one leaves Vader sentimental, so he asks Cherie to marry him. This is the second time he has asked her and once more she turns him down. He is determined to find out why she runs hot one moment and cold the next.

Cherie Harper has a very secretive past. In fact, Cherie is not her real name and she fears that a violent man from her past may catch up with her. She loves Vader, but cannot bear the thought that the man from her past might harm him. Vader knows nothing of her past or the reasons she cannot marry him, but she does not want to lose him. Cherie performs a variety of jobs, including dance instructor. She longs to help people any way she can and admires Vader for his compassion with others. As much as she would love to confide in Vader about her past, she has sworn an oath to her brother Jacob that she will keep quiet. When her sister Trixie arrives in town, Cherie has her hands full as her sister is in one scrape after another and drawing Vader into her escapades.

With the arrival of Trixie, Vader begins to find out a few secrets about Cherie’s past, but not nearly enough. Although his mother wants him to find someone who will stick by him and show him her love, Vader is determined to win Cherie over and get her to confide in him, even if he has to seduce her into it.

A heartwarming tale, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIREMAN, the fifth book in author Jennifer Bernard’s BACHELOR FIREMEN series, is a touching, sensual, contemporary romance that is sure to steal your heart. Vader’s deep love for Cherie and loving, protective care of his mom is displayed on every page. I could not help falling for this vulnerable firefighter who has a heart of gold. Although I did not understand why Cherie kept turning him down at first, everything is made clear as the story progresses and her actions become understandable. As part of Vader’s jokester personality, he has been running around with a video recorder, taping the antics of his fellow firefighters. What they don’t know is that he makes these recordings for his mom. The tapes are her favorite way to pass the time. Although I have enjoyed all of the stories of the bachelor firemen of San Gabriel, Vader’s story may be my favorite yet. Even if you have not read any of the previous books in this series, be sure to pick up this one! It is an absolute delight!

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