Free Pass
By Sarah W
Dec 1, 2008 - 6:25:27 PM

When Melanie suggests to her two friends, Cherisse and Debra, that they celebrate their marriages in a different way this year, the two friends are skeptical. But Melanie insists the seven year itch is upon them and if they do not want to lose their husbands, they need to give them a chance to experiment outside marriage. They all need a free pass.

Cherisse is very hesitant at first, but when she arrives in Miami with her husband Wesley, she presses him to give the free pass idea a chance. Will Cherisse’s young lifeguard and Wesley’s mysterious redhead break up this marriage?


Debra and her husband Gordon are traveling in Italy when they meet an attractive Russian couple who are very flirtatious. The free pass idea suddenly seems a lot more interesting! Will they feel regret when the vacation is over though?


Melanie loves her husband Thomas but is afraid she may get bored in her marriage due to a painful family history. She proposes the free pass idea to him and he reluctantly agrees. Then Melanie meets a man at her gym and he seems like the perfect candidate. But will Thomas really be okay with letting his wife be with another man?


FREE PASS is a very interesting story! This book is definitely different than a fairly typical romance story but it is also sexy with genuine moments of marital angst and deepening love. FREE PASS is also incredibly erotic! Elizabeth Scott pulls out all the stops in giving these couples the chance to look outside their marriage. There is nothing smarmy or raunchy about this story however. Each couple has to think long and hard about the free pass idea and whether or not they are ready for this step. This is not an idea taken lightly by any of these characters. That being said, they also had fun with it and enjoyed themselves without guilt.


This romance is not a stereotypical boy and girl fall in love and have their happily-ever-after story. It is what happens after the marriage. Elizabeth Scott certainly spices up the pages of this story. Love and a deeper appreciation for their wedding vows make these characters interesting and thoughtful.

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