Hot in the City, Book 1 - French Quarter
By Jennifer A.
Sep 28, 2010 - 4:21:00 PM

Liz Marsh needs a private investigator and Jack Wade is the man she wants to hire. She suspects that her fiance Todd is having an affair and she wants proof before she can break off their engagement. When she walks into Jack's office, she is stunned by her reaction to him. The last thing she expects to see is a sexy, dark-haired god and at the sight of him, Liz is immediately turned on. She has never experienced such a tremendous feeling of lust for a man and she is shocked at the instant desire she feels. Though confused about the emotions this man invokes in her, she is certain of one thing; she wants this man in ways she has never imagined.

When Liz walks into Jack's office, he is immediately aroused at the sight of her. He is attracted to her sexy demeanor and seduced by the looks she gives him.  Even though he no longer investigates cheating partners, Jack decides to take Liz's case.  It has been a long time since he's mixed business with pleasure, but this is exactly what he wants to do with Liz.  He hopes to prove that her fiance is a cheat and that she will turn to him for comfort.

Jack sets out on his assignment and he follows Todd to a strip bar called Club Venus.  When the pictures he takes of Todd don't come out clear, Liz wants to go to this club and see with her own eyes what Todd has been doing for the last couple months.  She meets Jack there and he shows her Todd being entertained by two strippers who are giving him a lap dance.  Relieved to have the proof she needs that will end her engagement, Liz decides she wants to stay and celebrate.  She is entranced and turned on by the sexual displays that are going on around her.  With Jack at her side, she finds the confidence she needs to explore these new feelings that she is experiencing.  What Jack and Liz don't realize, is that they are about to embark on a sexual adventure that neither of them could have ever imagined.


FRENCH QUARTER is an unbelievably erotic tale that takes place in the sultry setting of New Orleans . Lacey Alexander writes an exceptionally arousing story about a woman who seeks out every sexual adventure she can find.  Even though many of the scenes are extremely explicit, I found that Ms. Alexander wrote them in a very tasteful way.  The incredible magnetism between Liz and Jack combined with their sizzling sexual adventures, made FRENCH QUARTER one of the hottest and sexiest stories I have ever read.

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