French Twist
By Bea Sigman
Jun 3, 2004 - 11:06:00 PM

For Luc Tremont, the success of this mission is everything.  Five years ago, he was busted by the FBI, so the infamous Scorpion aka Nick Jarrett cut a deal with them to catch a bigger fish. Nick gave up his identity, his family, his life and now he needs this sting to go off perfectly so he can gain some of that back.    

This is Janine Coulter's chance to prove herself to the art world.  When her predecessor, Dr. Albert Farrow, commits suicide Janine begs for the chance to manage the prestigious exhibit at the Palace of Versailles .  The main display is three exquisite vases nicknamed the Pompadour Plums, vases that Albert tried to prove their existence his entire career. Now the head of security is telling her that the vases will not be on display where she had intended them to be and when she finally gets to see them, she realizes they aren't real.  So now she is let in on a plan that has her in more danger than ever.


When the plan goes awry, Luc and Janine end up on the run.  Running to find the stolen vases, both real and fake, running to save their lives and running from the attraction they both feel for each other.  They both need the vases, but for very different reasons.  But is all this running just leading them straight into a trap?  Can Janine and Luc both get what they want?


Are you looking for adventure, romance and a bit of danger?  Well then FRENCH TWIST is the perfect book for you.  Roxanne St. Claire writes an exciting novel that will have you tearing through the pages to finish.  I love the way that Luc would say Janine's name, you could feel the passion just roll right off the pages.  Each character grows throughout the book, facing issues of their past along with issues on their future.  This is an overall perfect book to curl up in the chair and relax with.

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