By Sarah W
Aug 5, 2007 - 10:32:07 AM

Augusta "Gus" Curtis is almost thirty. She has a plan though and she is sure it will all work out. Well, it was supposed to. Then her so-called friend Helen stole Gus's boyfriend of four months, Nate, and things went to hell in a hand basket from there. Gus cannot believe Helen would do that to her! Forget about blaming Nate, Gus is all about blaming Helen, even when Gus's best friends Amy Lee and Georgia, not to mention Gus's nemesis, the hottie Henry, tell her she deserves better.

But Gus is sure Nate was the one for her! He was part of her plan after all, her plan to be mature and grown up as she turned thirty. Instead, she is stuck with a backstabbing friend, a sexy secret, a new crush (though she does not want it), and the realization that she may be turning thirty, but she has a long way to go before she becomes the mature woman she envisions herself to be.


FRENEMIES is the poignant, snarky, sometimes mean, and also honest story of what friendship is and unfortunately, can turn into when you least expect it. Gus thinks her life is finally coming together but she learns she is much mistaken when a longtime friend turns against her. With new emotions coming to the forefront, with friendships on the brink, how can a girl successfully and happily turn thirty? Megan Crane does not give her protagonist all the answers, even at the end. Gus still has a lot of exploring to do within herself; though I think by the end, Gus has a better grip about the future. FRENEMIES may be partially about the friends and enemies we have in our social circle, but it is also about how we can make enemies insides ourselves and not even realize it. Gus has a lot of growing up to do, new perceptions to try out, but she has a new maturity, a new grasp of her character at her reach, and that is not something to scoff at. FRENEMIES lets loose with sarcasm and hard hitting truths all at the same time.

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