From My Soul to Yours
By ladybirdrobi
Dec 5, 2007 - 1:07:54 AM

Indera is back, and in your face as usual.  Trying to control all aspects of life and those around her, she is about to learn that not everything or everybody can be controlled.  She has an attitude and language style that puzzles me.  She loves to gossip and has dirt on everyone.

Britton doesn't understand how he ended up in a mess with Lina, the mother of his two kids.  He wishes he kept his lonely rod in his pants instead of burying it in Lina.  He should have thought of that three years ago.  Now, because of the kids, he has followed her to the states.

Sarina is the daughter of Chyna.  She has her own fashion sense and wears her own ensembles that she has created.  She went to school for design and thinks the others were after her designs.  Plainly speaking, she is paranoid and not quite right in the head.  She sees too many enemies around her.

Celeste has fallen down more often than not and she sometimes forgets how to get back up again.  Her life's ups and downs have been more down than up.  She feels she has clouds of despair hanging over her head and feels so lonely.

Can these friends make it through life alone?  Probably not, but they have each other to help them through the hard times.  How do these friends interact with one another?  Will Indera learn that some things are not meant to be controlled?  Will Britton work out his mess?  Will the children suffer in the process?  Will Sarina learn about her problems and seek help?  Will Celeste get a hand up?  Only time will tell how these stories end. 

Mr. Birch did well with FROM MY SOUL TO YOURS.  Be prepared, however, for explicit language and some steamy sex scenes.  I think jumping into the second book without the benefit of reading the first is why I was confused at some points.  I like the basis for this book, friendship and how we depend upon our friends for advice and in dealing with the craziness of life.

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