Full-Time Wife
By lisa
Jul 1, 2008 - 2:30:03 PM

Luke Boniface is irritated when two elderly gentlemen in his small town decide he needs a wife and furious when they take out an advertisement in a large newspaper. He has over forty applicant letters in the first week which are hand delivered by well-respected journalist, Tara Rivers—Luke’s ex-wife.

Tara is reluctant to take the assignment in the small Canadian town, but after years of covering dangerous and disastrous events, she welcomes the reprieve. She doesn’t want to write a human-interest article about Luke, but takes the assignment when her boss insists. For whatever reason he placed the ad, he has a right to his privacy. Tara feels she can give the story a kinder twist than most would. However once on the job, Tara finds she doesn’t want anyone else filling the position that was hers. With lipstick in hand and stilettos on her feet, Tara sets out to sabotage Luke’s search for a wife one applicant at the time.


Tara hadn’t given Luke or their marriage a chance. Everyone she’d ever loved had left her, everyone except Luke. So she ended the marriage before he had the chance. She’s never wanted anything to do with God, whom she blames for all the bad things in her life. When Tara finally stops running and allows God into her life, she finds the divine guidance she’s been lacking.


Luke is hesitant to allow Tara back into his life. She’s already broken his heart, but isn’t he supposed to forgive as he’s been forgiven?


Ms. Dynowski has penned a wonderful story in FULL TIME WIFE. The characters are realistic and believable, and the supporting cast is really funny. This book stands alone but is a sequel to FULL HOUSE. It was great to take a trip back to this small Canadian town where everyone knows each other. This is a heartwarming romance and a tale that will leave you turning the pages until the end.



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