Full Bloom: Full Series: Book 5

Author: Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes

Publisher: St. Martins

Release Date: April 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Beaumont, South Carolina,

Annie Fortenberry has been running a bed-and-breakfast at the unusual mansion her grandmother left her when she died.  As Annie is preparing for a very important wedding for Max Holt and Jamie Swift, her life gets completely turned upside down.  It all starts the morning when Annie decides she's had enough of the gardener being drunk all the time and not getting his chores completed.  So, she goes after him with a rolling pin just to scare him a little.  But, it so happens, a sexy stranger on a Harley shows up and tries to save the day.  No one knows why Wes Bridges is there, but Annie accidentally knocks him out.

Next on Annie's list of problems is the fat, crazy cat that wants to eat all the time.  Then there's the little crisis of the ghost that haunts the bed-and-breakfast.  One of Annie's guests, Destiny, is a psychic, and she is determined to help get rid of the ghost.  And, the big whopper on the list is the dead body that is buried in the backyard.  It turns out that the body is none other than Annie's missing husband of three years.  Annie knows it can't get any worse than this, but just you wait, Mrs. Fortenberry, things are going to get quite surprising.  Especially, when she realizes what Wes Bridges has in store for her.

The writing duo that created FULL BLOOM, Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes, have presented a fantastic story full of mayhem, mystery, and romance.  The characters were outrageously funny and wonderfully engaging.  I love all the facets of this story, and I never could guess who the culprit was.  It was definitely a surprise.  FULL BLOOM is the fifth novel in the "FULL" series, and I will be scouring the bookstores to find the previous four stories.  This is obviously a book not to be missed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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