Full Circle - Tarot - Three of Cups
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 13, 2007 - 10:06:50 AM

Barbra Atkins may be one of the most sought after exotic dancers on the national private club circuit but she has a few fantasies that she’s never had the chance to experience - yet. With their ten-year college reunion approaching she invites her former roommates to stay with her, Ruth and Desiree accept her offer. They’re in for a huge surprise and Barbara is going to thoroughly enjoy every second of introducing them to the ‘new and improved’ Barb.

Ruth and Desiree had been lovers in college and Barb had been the gawky nerd watching their antics while longing to be loved by them both. They haven’t seen Barb since graduation and had no idea about her sexy occupation - until they get the opportunity to watch her in action. They’re smart women who’ve recently been through divorces and own profitable businesses. They’re ready for a little fun and excitement. They just have no idea how wild things are about to get.

Barb has some definite plans for her friends starting with showing them what they missed out on in college. Only Barb has much more than just herself to offer, she has three sexy men who are more than wiling to aid her in introducing Ruth and Desiree to a whole new lifestyle and a sexual excitement they’ve only dreamed of and never thought they’d experience.

Adriana Kraft gives readers an unexpected treat with this fast paced and extremely sexy story. There’s no shortage of eye popping scenes that will have you reading about the antics of the characters and wondering what they’ll do next. I loved Barb’s easygoing acceptance of her own sexuality and the way she goes about ‘seducing’ Ruth and Desiree. Just when I thought this story couldn’t get any better there’s a twist to this tale that gives readers a whole new perception of Barb. If you’re looking for a story with a fun plot, lots of hot sex and characters you’ll come to care about then FULL CIRCLE - TAROT: THREE OF CUPS is for you.

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