Midsummer Night Steam: Full Disclosure
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2007 - 3:24:16 AM

Antonia has never gotten over the fact that Danton left her to marry a woman claiming to be pregnant with his child. She still craves him and is fully aware of the fact that no other man is going to do. It's been three months since their break up and the last thing she needs is Danton coming back into her life at this point - he is already married.

Danton's a member of the Special Forces and learned early on to never leave anything to chance. When Ronda had an amnio test done, he requested a paternity test and discovered that he is not the father of her baby. The marriage was never consummated and he's in the process of having it annulled. He's determined to make things right with Antonia and he’ll do whatever he has to in order to win her love back.

Danton's determination to win Antonia back leads him to some extreme measures - including arranging for the local sheriff’s station to page her. As a social worker, it's part of Antonia's job to be on call at all times so it's the perfect ploy to get her alone. When she goes to find a quiet place to call in, Danton grabs her. They need to talk but their bodies are fighting a mutual desire that's making it impossible for them to remain clearheaded long enough to discuss anything. Antonia's wracked with mixed emotions - as much as she wants Danton, she will not be the 'other woman' in his life. Eventually he'll get her to listen to his explanation. Will she forgive him when the facts of his marriage are revealed?

Mary Wine presents a fascinating tale full of love, passion and lies with her contribution to the MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S STEAM line. FULL DISCLOSURE will have readers running the gauntlet of emotions as Danton and Antonia come together for the first time after being ripped apart by Ronda's lies. There's no doubt that they genuinely care for one another, but is that enough to wipe out all the pain Antonia has felt over the last three months. Danton is the perfect example of a prime alpha male and I'm more than a little envious of Antonia. This is the perfect book to kick back and lose yourself in after the kids are in bed.

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