Full Exposure
By Natasha Smith
Dec 1, 2008 - 7:37:28 PM

Photographer Serena Macafee is just trying to tread water.  Since the heartless and violent murder of her sister and her subsequent injuries, Serena suffers from post traumatic stress and has been unable to form healthy relationships with the opposite sex.  Using men for sex and then leaving with no strings attached has worked for Serena, and she assumes her new subject, Kevin Riley, will have no problem with what she has to offer.  When Kevin kisses Serena during a storm, Serena and he begin a torrid and erotic affair.  The next morning, when Kevin pushes for more than what Serena wants to give, she leaves and heads back to her house.  Of course, she had to leave anyway – she has appointments to keep.  One in particular is heart breaking and when a decision is made that puts Serena’s life in danger, she does the only thing she can think of – she returns to the bayou and the man that made her feel again.

Sculptor Kevin Riley fights his attraction to the photographer invading his life and taking pictures of him for a photo spread.  Unable to keep his hands off of the beautiful, if somewhat standoffish Serena, Kevin isn’t prepared for the feelings and emotions this woman evokes after one night.  When Serena acts like nothing happened after their ‘sexcapades’ the night before, Kevin is unable to maintain his silence.  When he pushes Serena for more, however, she escapes, evidently not wanting to talk about their time together.  But Kevin is nothing if not patient, and so he waits.


Kevin Riley is one of the hottest heroes I have read about in a long time.  Muscled with long hair and a beguiling smile, quite simply he made me melt.  His loving manner towards Serena had me sighing more than once as he divulged glimpses of his romantic side.  I thought him quite perfect.  Serena’s character had to evolve and change.  Accustomed to depending on no one other than herself, Serena had to learn to love and trust Kevin.  That took some doing because as with all people who have experienced something traumatic, her trust level was basically zero.  I found her gradual belief in Kevin’s love insightful and very gentle. 


I adored FULL EXPOSURE.  I found it extremely suspenseful and in fact, I did not guess the villain until the very end.  I LOVE when that happens because as a reader, it means that the author thought through the plot and came up with a viable and highly enticing ending.  Add in two characters that fit together so completely they could have been stuck together with glue, and you have the perfect read. 





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