Full House
By lisa
Mar 28, 2008 - 1:53:34 PM

officer, Matt Paladini, stops Petra Lojek for speeding, he knows he’s in for trouble. The widowed mother of two small children is the new teacher in town. He gives her a warning and attempts to ignore the instant attract he feels for Petra. As she settles into town he finds their lives intermingling, as if divinely directed, and perhaps God is intervening. Matt’s faith was lost when his wife was killed.

“Ms. Lojek” is his daughter, Christa’s, teacher and more. The two form a strong bond. Petra recognizes Christa’s symptoms of bulimia and helps Matt find treatment for her. Matt struggles through his growing relationship with Petra and his daughter’s recovery. His world is shaken when his wife’s murderer escapes prison and once again targets his family. Will Matt once again trust God? Will he lose all he holds dear?


FULL HOUSE is a wonderful, poignant story. Petra is a strong, focused Christian who has used the sorrows and struggles within her own life to help others. It is her unwavering faith that like a lighthouse in a storm, points others home. Matt is a strong, loving hero who once again learns to trust God. Anna Dynowski has penned a beautiful story that reminds us God is in control of our lives.

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