Full Speed

Author: Janet Evanovich

Publisher: St. Martins Press

Release Date: September 2003

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Jamie Swift is going to get the story no matter what Max Holt does to try and stop her. She figures that after being shot at by mobsters in her own newspaper office, she more than deserves it. But when Max suddenly decides that the situation is too dangerous and tries to take her back home; she becomes determined to go forward on her own. The predicament being to attempt to prove that Reverend Harlan Rawlins is more of a swindling con man than he is a minister. So, Jamie comes up with a plan that will get her close to the good reverend by pretending to need counseling to help her with a very serious and rare addiction. And just as she predicts, Reverend Rawlins falls for her story and she is able to get close to him, however her plans did not include what happens next. And as bad as she hates to admit it, Max is the one person who can help her.

Max absolutely cannot believe the woman! Showing up at a small town church revival looking like she stepped straight out of the pages of Penthouse. And her plan has got to be the craziest thing that he has ever heard, although it just might work. But the only way he is going to allow her to go through with it is if she agrees to let him help her and that means she will have to agree to his part of the plan, which is to pretend that they are married. Jamie and Max’s story actually begins in FULL TILT, which I did not read so I was a bit confused at the beginning of this book. Of course I was also intrigued and anxious to discover what was going on, and as the story progressed things that I was confused about were clarified. This is a very lighthearted romance with several quirky characters that include a bloodhound that despises county and western music. While I did enjoy the book I would definitely recommend reading FULL TILT first. Even though Jamie and Max managed to take care of the bad guys Ms. Evanovich and Ms. Hughes did not follow the usual formula ending for romances so now I am very anxious for the next story in this series to see where the road takes them next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Missy Andrews

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