Full Throttle
By Sarah W
Jan 1, 2014 - 8:00:16 AM

When Rhett Ford sees Shawn Hamby in a local fetish club, his interest is piqued. Shawn and her book club are visiting the club after their latest book discussion, to see what the reality of a fetish club is like. They are not impressed. However, Shawn is very impressed by Rhett and their first dance is a smoldering affair. Rhett wants her number but she leaves before he has a chance to get it. He never expects to see her again, unfortunately, but then he gets some great news. Rhett's sister-in-law knows Shawn which means he can hopefully get her phone number. He’s surprised to be offered more than her number when they meet.

Shawn is stunned to learn that in order to inherit her family's race track, she has to marry. She has worked at that track all her life and she is upset that her beloved grandfather put that restriction on her. Then, opportunity walks through her trailer door in the form of Rhett Ford. These two marry but little do they know how intense their relationship will be.

This book is hot!! Phew, Shawn and Rhett scorch the pages. I have long been a fan of Erin McCarthy's FAST TRACK series but I think she raised the bar in her newest book. Building on many new trends in the romance industry, McCarthy incorporates a bit of bondage and submission into her story and she does it well. Even though Rhett and Shawn are virtual strangers, their love scenes resonate with their growing awareness of each other. Rhett is a dirty talker and Shawn revels in it as he controls their sexual encounters. The great thing is that, out of the bedroom, these two are learning to be with each other too. They have some fumbles along the way but I liked seeing that they were developing a genuine relationship with each other. Rhett has a big family and Shawn embraces becoming part of it, even when she does feel guilty for deceiving them. This conflict adds to the tension in Rhett and Shawn's relationship but I felt they handled it well as the story progressed.

FULL THROTTLE stands fairly well on its own. It is nice to know some of the past characters but much of the focus is on Rhett and Shawn which makes this a book any reader can enjoy. FULL THROTTLE will definitely rev your engine. I can't wait to re-read this book to enjoy this dynamic love story all over!

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