Funny Business

Author: Katie McLean

Publisher: Monarch Moments

Release Date: October 24, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Divorced police officer Artie only has a year and a half to go before he can retire. But off the clock, he moonlights as a female romance author named Desiree Robb, blog and all. One evening, finally completing his latest book, he celebrates with a few drinks, updates his blog and notices that he has sold almost fifty more books that day. After a few too many drinks, Artie calls in sick and then wakes up the next morning with a hangover. Checking his book sales once more, he is astounded to find that he has sold fifty thousand books overnight and the numbers keep rising. But even with all the money he will have rolling in due to book sales, he refuses to buy a new car, as much as he needs one. After all, the problems he experiences with his present car gives him excuses to see Marie, the county’s only female mechanic, whom he has had a crush on since he first met her. In fact, the romance novels he writes are loosely based on him and Marie. As the book continues to sell, book publishers contact Artie, hoping to make print copies of his book. But when he discovers that he will have to make personal promo appearances, he knows he has a problem since he does not want his true identity exposed.

In the meantime, ‘Carmine Esposito’, a wannabe mobster, who essentially still lives at home, has his own scam going. By getting a list of names and credit card numbers from a Russian mobster named Yuri, Carmine is hoping to make a fortune. With a computer expert he calls The Geek inputting the info on Amazon, Carmine figures it is just a matter of time before the money rolls in. But he still owes Yuri forty thousand dollars and the mobster is getting impatient.

Needing someone to represent Desiree, Artie decides to ask the feisty Marie, while due to a mix-up, Carmine is left wondering where all that money, which he was supposed to receive, went to. Unfortunately, Artie’s wealth makes Desiree a target and things soon turn dangerous.

A laugh riot, FUNNY BUSINESS, written by author Katie McLean, is a hilarious contemporary romance. Seeing Artie, a straitlaced police officer, get his ‘girly on’ for inspiration will have you laughing out loud. Marie has been hurt in a previous relationship with a cop, so the last thing she wants is to get involved with another cop, Artie. But once they start working together the chemistry between them raises tempers and temperatures. Meanwhile, Artie and Marie push legal boundaries as she presents herself as Desiree, in Artie’s place. The secondary characters, in particular, the wannabe mob members, add a great deal of additional humor to the story.

Mix-ups, mishaps, scams, a police officer, a mechanic, Russian mobsters, mobster wannabes, romance and true love all add up to a madcap adventure you will not want to miss. After reading this story, I am curious to see what this author comes up with next. For a truly enjoyable read, pick up a copy of FUNNY BUSINESS!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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