Furtive Liasion
By jhayboy
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:32:06 AM

When Shawn Delaney hooked up with Marc Wright, all he was looking for was a quickie. Things went better than expected and the feeling between the two leads them into a relationship that neither of them was prepared for.

Shawn is experiencing something in his life with Marc that he has never felt before and it not only throws him off balance, but also has his concentration all a flounder when it comes to his job. It all comes to a head when Shawn goes innocently hunting and finds a toy that he can’t help but follow up on.


Marc is only trying to have a little happiness, meeting Shawn is the best thing to have happened to him for a good many years. Meeting Shawn might just also be the worst thing to have happen to him as well.


FURTIVE LIAISON is a relatively short read, however be prepared, this book is more than what you see on the surface. It’s fast paced, it packs a punch and it delves into an area that really highlights Ms. Young’s brilliant writing style.


Nothing is new about what Marc and Shawn are getting up to. However Ms. Young has humanized  the entire scenario to present two men caught in a battle of exploding chemistry, insecurity and a whole lot of mistrust.


Shawn just wants what he wants, and after the quickie becomes an overnight thing, he wants Marc for himself. Marc on the other hand is just counting his blessing to have found a good thing with Shawn  - things come to a head as these things eventually do, can these two men step back and give the other a chance to make it right, before all is lost?


I am a huge fan of Ms. Young’s works and after reading almost all her books, this is without a doubt, one of her best to date. Well done Ms. Young another loyal fan very happy.

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