Hip-Hop Debutante’s, Book 3 - At First Kiss
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2011 - 2:08:37 PM

The sparks start flying from the moment Troy Singleton and Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Stewart meet… and not in a good way.  In fact, the snide comments and insults seem to be exactly what their relationship is based on.   The trouble might be that they simply have too much in common – after all they’re both self-professed ‘players’ with no intention of changing their ways.   They do their best to be civil for the wedding of their best friends, Darren and Alicia, but there’s no way there will ever be anything more between them – especially after sharing a soul searing kiss that neither of them will ever forget, but are determined to ignore.


Ten years later…

Jazz definitely deserves a vacation but her trip to Barbados, her mother’s island home, is anything but enjoyable.  She’s visiting the island to arrange mother’s funeral and to take care of her estate.  Her mother’s death is a huge shock since Jazz hadn’t even known the cancer had returned but it’s the stunning revelation that her mother amassed a small fortune and Jazz stands to inherit it if she can meet the terms of the will that have her completely flabbergasted.   In order to inherit Jazz will have to get married within the next six months and remain married for two years – otherwise her deadbeat dad inherits the $500,000. 


Troy’s visit to Barbados is a pleasure trip though he did bring along a camera crew to capture some of the Jazz festival action for his show, Detroit Live.  He’s more than a little fed up with his father’s meddling in his life and his insistence that Troy quit his top-rated show to become more active in the business side of the company.  Troy isn’t interested in managing the company but after running into Jazz at the airport and learning about her predicament Troy devises a plan.  If he marries Jazz his father will see that he’s ‘settled down’ and will have to back off and Jazz will be fulfilling the terms of her mother’s will, it’s a win-win solution. 


It seems simple enough – and maybe if Jazz and Troy didn’t already have chemistry together their ‘marriage’ would have remained uncomplicated but where would be the fun in that?   There’s no sense in going to bed sexually frustrated every night so they quickly agree to enjoy that little perk of marriage.  Just when it looks like they might be settling into a comfortable Troy learns exactly where Jazz’s new job is – and he’s not at all happy with the possible impact this latest revelation could have on their marriage.  It seems this player might be interested in shredding his ‘player card.’


Attitude practically takes on a life of its own with Gwyneth Bolton’s latest book AT FIRST KISS.  Jazz and Troy seem to take great delight in antagonizing each other and as a reader I got a huge kick out of the way Jazz’s speech reverts to her native dialect when she becomes incensed.  Troy even refuses to call her Jazz and insists on calling her Jasmine which he actually considers a private joke (and it’s really very sweet).  You might wonder where the hip-hop comes into this story… well, Jazz and Troy have a tendency to use lyrics of songs from hip-hop singers in their discussions – with hilarious results.  Ms. Bolton’s storylines are fast paced, fun, character driven and emotionally charged – they’re perfect ‘feel good’ books to lose yourself in for a few hours.  


AT FIRST KISS is the third and final release in Ms. Bolton’s HIP-HOP DEBUTANTE’S trilogy.  Be sure to pick up copies of the other titles as well.  They are:

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