Hightower Honors, Book 4 – Sizzling Seduction

Author: Gwyneth Bolton

Publisher: Kimani Romance

Release Date: October 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Firefighter Patrick Hightower never thought he’d experience the special kind of love his younger brothers and father have found with their significant others.  Ever since he caught his former wife cheating on him he’s focused on his career and kept his heart firmly encased behind a facade of bitterness.  The last thing he anticipated is falling for a teacher who flat out turns down his request for a date.

Kindergarten teacher Aisha Miller has no intention of getting involved with another man.  The only man she wants, or needs, in her life is her ten year old son Dillon.  It hasn’t been easy raising her son alone following her divorce but she’s determined to break the cycle of abuse.  She’s determined to deny her attraction to Fire Captain Hightower but the stubborn man isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.  His pushy dominant side Aisha could easily deny but it’s when he shows his gentle caring nature towards her son that she’s forced to admit he may be a force she doesn’t want to deny.


Patrick is stunned by Aisha’s refusal to date him but he’s certainly not about to give up on the only woman to excite him like this in years.  Her continuous rejection has him seeking advice from his brothers, Lawrence and Joel, who take great pleasure in razzing him over the situation.  Fortunately his brothers wives however, prove to be more helpful by slipping him information about Aisha’s plans to take Dillon to Friendly’s for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundaes.  Patrick quickly realizes that the best way to get to Aisha is through her son Dillon but in no way is he prepared for the instant bond he feels for the little man.  At first Aisha’s furious about Patrick’s interference in their lives but there’s no denying that his presence is exactly what they need.  As Patrick and Aisha’s relationship becomes stronger she receives a phone call that signals the beginning of one of her worst nightmares.  Patrick comes from a family of heroes but how far will he go to protect, serve and love Aisha and Dillon?


Prolific author Gwyneth Bolton’s character driven storylines never fail to touch her readers’ hearts.  SIZZLING SEDUCTION is the fourth and final book in the HIGHTOWER HONORS series and proved to be a sheer delight.  All of the characters in this series has taken on a life of their own and endeared themselves to me but none more than Patrick.  The love he feels for his family and his dedication to duty say much about his character but its how he treats Dillon that really had me falling in love with this man.  I loved getting the opportunity to revisit the Hightower family and really enjoyed the drama that goes on – especially the showdown between Celia (Patrick’s mother) and his Aunt Sophie.  As the details about Aisha’s failed marriage are revealed my heart really broke for her and Dillon and instilled a real sense of pride in the strength of will she possesses.


While it’s not necessary to read all of the books in the HIGHTOWER HONORS series in order to enjoy SIZZLING SEDUCTION, I do recommend you do so because there is so much background – and they’re just delightfully fun.

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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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